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Board of Directors

Tom Huckaby


Rex Wonnell

Vice President

Stephanie Selbst/Stacie Walters

Chief Information Officers

Kurt Sisley

Fall Ball Coordinator, Big Field Coordinator

reuben Castro

AA Player Agent

Chris Cossitor

Fall Ball Coordinator

Deanna Bermillo


Ken Freccero

Safety Officer

Natalie Ucci

Sponsorship Manager, Team Parent Manager, Opening Day Manager

Dan Welsh

Majors Player Agent

Cristina McCarter

MicroTee Ball Director 

Erin Jordan

Tee Ball Player Agent

Bob Harrington

Vice President - Operations

Ryan McCarter

Vice President/Treasurer

Evan Stitt


Todd Smith

Coaching Coordinator

Aaron Forbes

A Player Agent

Carissa Pettinichio

Snack Shack Manager

Travis Welch/Nick Berry

Fields and Grounds Coordinator

Daniel Graff

AAA Player Agent

Melanie Syslo/Michelle Roberts

Snack Shack Coordinators

Zac Waldorph

Equipment Manager