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Nov, 2019

Restroom Project

For several years BHLL has been trying to figure out the best accommodations for our families when it comes to our bathroom facilities. Thanks to several members of our league we have found a solution.  BHLL will finally be getting a permanent bathroom! It will be located adjacent to the Stratford soccer field and closest to our minors field. Since we will be sharing the facility with Stratford, BHLL is able to save money by using the existing connections to their utilities (sewer, water, and electrical power)


The structure is a pre-fabricated restroom building, and it is ready to be delivered whenever we are ready to receive it. Right now out at the BHLL field, we are constructing the foundation and piping to prepare for delivery. 


The building will have two separate facilities, one for women, and one for everyone else.  They will include baby changing tables, a new outside drinking fountain, and a utility room with a sink in the center.

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