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The BHLL Annual Meeting of Members was held on Wednesday night, May 10.  The members voted to have a board consisting of 25 directors for 2017/18.  The directors are:

Mike Ahrens               Deanna Bermillo

Reuben Castro          Matt Dullaghan

Aaron Forbes             Dolly Garay

Dan Graff                     Bob  Harrington

Tina Ahrens               Manny Hernandez

Tom Huckaby            Ryan McCarter

Mike Morales            Carissa Pettinichio

Courtney Powers    Kurt Sisley

Todd Smith                  Melanie Syslo

Natalie Ucci               Kellie Waldorph

Zac Waldorph           Dan Welch

Travis Welch             Rex Wonnell

Chad Zitzner

Congratulations to our new Board!



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League Boundaries

Our league boundaries are bordered by:

Hillsdale Avenue to the North
Almaden Expressway to the East
Coleman Road to the South
Camden avenue to the East

Note: There are some exceptions in the Southwest corner of the territory. Please check the map for further details. 

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Just a reminder. We operate our fields under a use permit from Union School District and one of their requirements is that no pets are allowed on the property.

Please encourage your family and friends to leave their pets at home while enjoying the great BHLL baseball action and Snack Shack services.