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We are... playing ball!

All tryouts and evaluations have been completed, as have the drafts for Majors, AAA and AA .   Team assignments for A and Tee Ball were completed on Friday February 10.

Juniors is also all set!  Tryouts and draft took place on Saturday February 11.

Opening day remains March 4.  Start your no-rain dances now.  :)

Spring Registration is now CLOSED

At this point we will only accept registrations for league ages 6 and under or 13 and over.  If you have any questions about this or have an eligible player you wish to register, please contact league Registrar Mike Ahrens ( ).



If you'd like to volunteer as a coach or manager, please ensure you fill out the Managers and Coaches Application form here.   Note all volunteers having any contact with the kids (meaning every parent in the league) should also fill out the 2017 Volunteer or 2017 Returning Volunteer form at the same site.  Further details on duties and work efforts required will be published soon.

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League Boundaries

Our league boundaries are bordered by:

Hillsdale Avenue to the North
Almaden Expressway to the East
Coleman Road to the South
Camden avenue to the East

Note: There are some exceptions in the Southwest corner of the territory. Please check the map for further details. 

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CA District 12 Little League

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Just a reminder. We operate our fields under a use permit from Union School District and one of their requirements is that no pets are allowed on the property.

Please encourage your family and friends to leave their pets at home while enjoying the great BHLL baseball action and Snack Shack services.